D. Radio procedure words

ACKNOWLEDGEConfirm that you have reveiced my message.
ALL AFTEREverything that you/I transmitted after.
ALL BEFOREEverything that you/I transmitted before.
BREAK-BREAK-BREAKAll stations will immediately cease transmission on hearing this pro-word. The station BREAKING has an urgent life-saving message. Only to be used in extreme emergency.
CORRECTYou are correct.
CORRECTIONThe correct version is…
WRONGYour last transmission was incorrect, the correct version is…
DISREGARD THIS TRANSMISSIONThis transmission is an error, disregard it.
DO NOT ANSWER - OUTStation(s) called are not to answer this call, acknowledge this message, or to transmit in connection with this transmission.
FIGURESNumbers follow in message.
MESSAGEI have an informal message for you.
MESSAGE FOLLOWSI have a formal message that should be recorded.
OVERI have finished my turn, a response is expected, go ahead, transmit.
OUTI have finished my transmission, no reply is expected.(OVER and OUT are never used together.)
OUT TO YOUI have nothing more for you, do not reply, I shall call another station on the net.
READ BACKRead back the folllowing message to me exactly as received.
I READ BACKThe following is my reply to your request to read back.
RELAY TOTransmitting the following message to all addresses or to the address immediately following.
RELAY THROUGHSend this message by way of call sign…
ROGERI have received your last trnsmission satisfactorily.
ROGER SO FAR?Have you received this part of my message satisfactorily?
SAY AGAINRepeat all of your last transmission.
SAY AGAIN ALL AFTER/BEFORERepeat portion of message indicated.
I SAY AGAINI am repeating my transmission or portions as indicated.
SENDGo ahead with your transmission.
SEND YOUR MESSAGEGo ahead, I am ready to copy.
SILENCE-SILENCE-SILENCECease all transmission immediately. Silence will be maintained until lifted by network control operator.
SILENCE LIFTEDSilence is lifted, net is free for traffic.
SPEAK SLOWER/FASTERAdjust the speed of your transmission.
I SPELLI shall spell the next word phonetically.
THROUGH MEI am in contact with the station you are calling. I can act as a relay station.
MESSAGE PASSED TO…Your message has been passed to…
UNKNOWN STATIONThe identity of the station calling or with whom I am attempting to establish communication is unknown.
VERIFYVerify entire message (or portion indicated) with the originator and send correct version.
I VERIFYThat which follows has been verified at your request and is repeated – to be used only as a reply to VERIFY.
WAIT-WAIT-WAITI must pause for a few seconds
WAIT OUTI must pause longer than a few seconds and will call you again when ready.
WILCOI have received and understood your message and will comply.
WORDS AFTER/BEFOREThe word of the message to which I refer is that which follows…
WORDS TWICECommunication is difficult, transmit each phrase twice. This pro-word can be used as an order.