At the office, at home, or on the road - wherever you are, this app accompanies you all the way through the mission and back! You can add the app to the home screen of your mobile device by using the bookmark or "add to home screen" function of your web browser. After your first visit, you can access the app offline. No matter what background or experience you have or which mission you are going on, the ENTRi In Control app is a practical guide for newcomers as well as for experienced civilian personnel working in the field. It will illustrate relevant concepts in clear and simple language, ease your way into the mission, guide you through daily life and work on mission and assist your reintegration back home.

Chapter 1 of this app is intended to help you situate yourself within the crisis management framework by offering an overview of the major international organisations in the field and the way missions are established and conducted. As most missions nowadays either entail civilian, police and military components or interact with military on the ground, this app also covers some relevant military issues, actors and procedures. Chapter 2 introduces you to the principles that should guide your actions in the field, such as conflict sensitivity and local ownership. Afterwards, get ready for your deployment with recommendations on items to take and arrangements to make in Chapter 3. Find information on current key issues in the field in Chapter 4 and advice on how to stay healthy and safe in Chapter 5. Learn more about communication equipment, navigation and fourwheel driving in Chapter 6. Finally, prepare yourself for bringing your deployment to an end and returning home in Chapter 7. After every chapter, you have the opportunity to test your knowledge on crisis management in the m-learning section of this app.

In addition, interactive checklists will assist you in packing and preparing for your mission, staying organized during your deployment, and reintegrating after your return. Topics covered in these checklists include health, family, work, and security, among others. Finally, find more information on current peace operations in the interactive mission map. The map not only provides you with information on different types of missions, but also includes an overview of their mandates and guides you to their respective websites.

This app is based on existing good practices. It does not reinvent the wheel, but instead draws on long-standing experience and generally appreciated handbooks, such as the UNDAC Handbook, Daniel Lloyd Roberts’ Staying Alive and the Australian Emergency Management Handbook series. The In Control app offers a concise and handy overview, covering the main topics concerning everyday reality in the field. It does not cover every possible situation, nor does it offer tailor-made solutions. Instead, it gives an idea of possible challenges and how to deal with them. Flexibility and common sense are required to adapt to the various situations you will face on mission.

Based on the ENTRi In Control handbook, this app was developed by Europe’s New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management (ENTRi), a capacity building programme funded by the European Commission and co-funded by thirteen implementing partners from different EU Member States and Switzerland. The Commission’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI), which is responsible for ENTRi, has set up a steering group to provide advice and guidance on the implementation of ENTRi, which was created to prepare and train civilian personnel working in crisis management missions.

The In Control app, designed to inform and guide nationally- and internationally-recruited civilian staff working in crisis management missions worldwide, contributes to that aim.